SAP Transportation Management is a unified and holistic platform for addressing transportation and logistics needs with end-to-end visibility of all freight operations. With integrated transportation management, and control to optimize logistics and improve services.

SAP Transportation Management

Transportation management with SAP TM

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) is fully integrated in SAP ERP ECC 6.0 or SAP S/4HANA and operates a transportation management system, which optimizes your freight orders across all types and scenarios of transport. SAP TM completely and consistently enhances material- and goods flows through your end-to-end processes and lowers your transportation costs significantly. SAP TM also supports the implementation of all transportation requests of order- and delivery types in SAP ERP, the manual and automized planning of freights, the actual transportation as well as the freight cost billing.

SAP S/4 HANA is a best-in-class Transportation Management System that allows you to manage all aspects of your company’s transportation processes, such as transportation planning and optimization, freight tendering, and rate management. SAP TM is designed for both shippers and logistics service providers and covers all modes of transportation (air, ocean, rail, and road).

SAP Transportation Management Modules

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) supports you in all activities connected with the physical transportation of goods from one location to another. You can use SAP TM to perform transfer orders and deliveries from an ERP system create freight bookings, Plan the transportation and select carriers, tender transportation services, dispatch and monitor the transportation

  • Strategic Freight Management

    Freight procurement and sales are critical in supply chain management. SAP TM allows you to streamline the quote-to-contract, predict future transportation requirements, and negotiate freight rates with customers, trucking companies, and logistics service providers. SAP TMS has a set of solutions that can help you on transportation management operations and trade agreement compliance.

  • Shipment Management

    TMP that are simplified allow logistical operations to move quickly, resulting in a more responsive supply chain. Transportation procedures that respond dynamically save costs while increasing efficiency. However, a TMS should be able to generate bespoke pricing rules to meet even the most complex tariffs and give a price to a client as soon as they submit a request.

  • Planning

    Order delivery accuracy and on-time delivery are improved with planning tools. Plan the most fuel-efficient transit route and connect with the best carrier using automated planning methods. You can also plan the loading space of trucks, trailers, and containers and get a computation of the available loading space, taking maximum loads and weight into account.

  • Order Management

    At DES we fully integrated in SAP ERP ECC 6.0 or SAP S/4HANA and operates a TMS integrates orders and purchase orders from SAP S/4HANA and other third-party enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. It offers real-time order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes to help manage changes in transportation demands. It also synchronizes sales and order scheduling to keep customer deliveries on time.

  • Analytics

    SAP S/H HANA TMS may make use of analytics tools to provide real-time data-driven analytics data to aid in the optimization and speeding up of planning operations. This solution helps an operation stay competitive by providing tools to better cooperate with business partners while also reducing data complexity.

Need ERP Transportation Software?

Prepare for the future with the introduction of SAP S/4HANA and optimize your production. Data ERP System is your competent partner for production planning with SAP S/4HANA. Stay competitive and get fit for Industry 4.0 through optimal networking. The specialists from Data ERP System introduce your individual SAP solution across all sectors. For detailed information, contact the DES consultants by phone or e-mail.

Benefits of SAP S/4HANA Transportation Solutions
  • Reduced costs and improved operational performance. That boost your Efficient logistics and fulfillment processes
  • First, it reduces administrative costs. TMS software makes it easy to compare carrier rates to find the best option. It also automates the booking process, replacing time-consuming phone calls with efficient digital booking. The software streamlines, integrates, and automates processes, including auditing, contract, payment, and order scheduling, for greater efficiency –and fewer errors.
  • In applying SAP TM you are controlling all steps of your transportation management, from operation plannings, tendering, execution to billing- covering all types of transport.
  • The planning supports both, the optimization of your own fleets as well as the contracting of external forwarding partners and service providers.
  • Incurred freight costs are automatically listed on your ERP documents - transparent and assigned to the individual accounts. Detailed real-time KPIs of SAP TM allow immediate access to logistics key figures which serve as a decisive basis for the optimization of your transportation processes.
  • TM supports an early-on planning based on SAP order and delivery document types in combination of in- and outbound processes.
  • SAP TM can also be fully integrated into SAP logistics modules such as SAP EWM, Yard Logistics, Global Track & Trace and Global Logistics Network.

Why choose us ?

A transportation management system is a software system that helps companies manage logistics associated with the movement of physical of goods – by land, air, sea, or a combination of transportation modes. Part of the larger supply chain management system, TMS logistics software helps ensure timely delivery of goods by optimizing loads and delivery routes, tracking freight across local and global routes, and automating previously time-consuming tasks, such as trade compliance documentation and freight billing.


    An Integrated system works fine to plan and implement the production process. The real-Time solution keeps track of the stage-wise manufacturing process so that it gets completed on time.


    Every individual inventory of the manufacturing sector is noted 24/7 in such a way it gives alerts on its quality and expiry through continuous monitoring so that wastage is avoided.

  • Transportation Network

    You can use these SAP TM components to create and administer all the master data that you need for the activities in SAP TM, for example, business partners, locations, and products.


    Human intervention on operating is totally minimized by using our premium SAP automated solution. It looks after end to end methodology saving time and efforts on decision making.


    Materials and employees can be greatly utilized to increase efficiency. On-time job completion gets accomplished reducing material wastage thereby driving more profit to concern.

  • Enterprise Services

    You can use these SAP TM components to create and administer all the master data that you need for the activities in SAP TM, for example, business partners, locations, and products.

  • ERP Logistics Integration

    At DES We support the ERP logistics integration supports the transfer of orders and deliveries from SAP ERP to SAP TM as well as the planning and execution processes based on the ERP data.


    The selling of finished products is modulated with ease. Warehouse maintenance on stock availability to delivering of products to end customers is focused to lead market standards.

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