Staffing Services

Staffing solutions find the right candidates and allow you to efficiently manage your workforce, thereby improving productivity and reducing employee turnover.

Staffing Services

Hire an IT Professional in a Few Days Start the Process in a Few Minutes

DataERPSys provides one of the most advanced and professional staffing solutions in India and abroad for temporary, regular staffing. Our access to a large database of staffing resources is backed by time-tested HR management system that makes your deployment of staffing a pleasure.

Staffing systems are intended to form the transactional backbone of the major functions of an organization. They typically integrate operations, accounting and finance, human resources, customer service, procurement, and other major business functions into a single comprehensive system. First popularized in the manufacturing industry and evolved from early material requirements planning (MRP) systems, ERP systems are now gaining popularity in many different industry sectors as the advantages of integrated systems become apparent.

Scope of Staffing Solutions
  • Permanent Staffing

    DataERPSys provides clients their future employees who can add value and resources. Permanent staffing was considered the preferable category among employers as well as employees.

  • Contract-to-Hire

    Contract staffing mutually benefits the company and the individual in that they are bound for a fixed period. The work is flexible in nature, giving leeway to both of them.

  • Contractual Basis

    Our contract IT staffing services enable you to fill short-term or long-term opportunities. Either to meet seasonal requirements, backup positions, immediate project needs.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    At DataERPSys Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions are designed to meet the bespoke needs of our clients and provide support and expertise at every stage of the talent acquisition lifecycle.


Our Recruitment Process

As a prominent provider of IT Staffing Services, we customized solutions, understanding the specific skills need and meeting your overall business standards. Data ERP Systems achieves superior recruiting results in a short period of time for IT professionals solving people strategy for client needs to best align people, process, and technology.

Data ERP Systems Recruiting Center of Excellence (R-CoE) takes advantage of the latest technologies to maximize speed and accuracy for best recruiting performance. Our goal is to provide our client with a proactive and transparent process that will result in hiring the best candidates.

Why choose us ?

At DataERP System, we make sure a wide-ranging experiences and perspectives of our varied employees are exciting and a necessity for our success. The key goals of Data ERP System is to deliver value added support to our clients. As a Global Company we have a broad range of ideas and experiences of our employees, customers, community, and suppliers.

Center of Excellence For Recruiting What Included in our Staffing Services ?

Major vendors of Staffing systems today include SAP and Oracle, as well as a number of second- and third-tier vendors such as Infor, Lawson Software, IFS, QAD, Epicor, Consona, Sage, and Best. (Although Microsoft is much larger than all of these companies, its Dynamics line of ERP systems is generally aimed at small and midsize businesses.) Even though a vendor consolidation trend has been underway for at least five years, the number of vendors offering Staffing systems still numbers in the dozens, especially when narrowly-focused, industry-specific solutions are included.













Strategic sourcing


Hire Right Candidate at Right Time

Staffing systems can be major investments requiring substantial effort for implementation. Yet many organizations do not realize that the total cost of ownership of an Staffing system is composed largely of ongoing support. While initial license fees and consulting services required to implement the system are one-time investments, the cost of support personnel recurs year after year.
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